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Sunday, 6 July 2014

How to get Birth Certificate from MCD Delhi for New Born Babies.

Sometimes a simple work related to government office can become a nightmare simply because of lack of knowledge about various formalities related to it. 
I am sharing my observation related to obtaining a Birth Certificate for new born babies.

i) if the child birth has taken place in Hospital , then the Hospital will provide a basic Birth registration certificate during discharge. This certificate is different from what is provided by MCD and is required to obtain a formal registration certificate.
ii) Along with this Birth Registration Certificate , Visit your nearest MCD zonal office.
iii) Usually there are separate counters marked for Birth Registration. Show the certificate obtained from Hospital , they will provide a single copy of Birth Certificate without Name free of charge. 
iv) Take this newly issued certificate .
v) Obtain a Affidavit on Rs.10 stamp paper to include Name on this certificate. (Agent selling such affidavit for Rs. 50 can be easily located near the office premise).
vi) Submit the affidavit on the same Birth Registration Counter. The MCD official will call you back after some days (probably 1 week).
vii) Collect the registration certificate with Name after the told time. You can obtain multiple copies of the certificate. Each copy is provided at a nominal charge of Rs.20.

Monday, 15 March 2010

I am a simple person having a hard political view and moderate religious opinion.
Sometimes i wonder why taking even a little stand in favour of Hinduism brand one as communal.
I believe there should be equal treatment and more or less same law for every person irrespective of his religion or region.

There should be some way to stop wastage of public money as been done Ms Mayawati.
A wooping budget of 200 Crore INR. that amount would have been enough to fulfill basic needs of so many needful peoples. If the state is acting in such irresponsible way then we must raise our voice against it.
And there should be a channel to register such issues.